The Frugal Shopper’s Guide to Luxury Living Onboard a Residential Cruise Ship

You have worked your entire life toward one goal, your retirement! Visions of traveling the world, seeing the places you have always dreamed of, and taking part in many exciting adventures fill your daydreams. However, many retirees find they are unable to afford active retirement living. The cost of airfare, hotels, meals, and other travel expenses, in addition to their usual cost of living, is simply out of reach. Luxury living aboard your own cruise ship can be affordable.

Can you afford to live full-time on a cruise ship? Probably not if you want to live on a conventional cruise ship, but probably so if you buy and own a cruise ship, along with other like minded individuals. The cost of living aboard a cruise ship is not much higher than the cost of living in a conventional home. Some things are more economical on a cruise ship, especially domestic help. Cruise ship crews are paid internationally competitive rates which are almost always lower than the minimum wages paid in the U.S.A. There is also economy in numbers.

A better question would be can you afford to NOT live full-time on a cruise ship? If you are currently a home owner, the odds are that your home will depreciate substantially during the second and third decades of this century. There is no doubt that the retiring baby-boomers will dramatically alter the economy. As they retire in greater numbers they will start drawing down their savings. I am not going to made predictions about the economy. There are plenty of others who can do a better job at that. It is sufficient to say that the housing price run-ups of the past thirty years or so are likely to be inverted for the next thirty years or so. If you have equity that you can cash-out now, you should take the money and run.

You can join with others who have similar concerns and interests and buy your own giant mega-yacht, such as a retired cruise ship or even a brand new cruise ship if you are not pinching pennies. I currently maintain a list of people who are interested in becoming part-owners of a cruise ship. For more specific information on how you can do this, please read my article titled: “You Can Be a Cruise Ship Owner Even If You Are Not Rich”

Advantages to living on your own cruise ship.

o No utility bills (except telephone)

o No property taxes

o All meals are included

o All cruises are included

o Large variety of spa treatments available

o Housekeeping is included

o Nightly entertainment included

o Onboard activities included

o Internet access is available onboard

o Internet access can be provided in your cabin at an additional fee

o Full-time medical doctor onboard

o Fully equipped medical clinic (including defibrillator and other emergency equipment)

o Assistance with keeping your prescriptions current

o Follow-up medical attention to your shore-side treatments

o Rent, loan, exchange or sell unused cruise time to make additional income

o Purchase live aboard accommodations with friends or family and share the cruise time

o Exchange your cruise time for shore side vacations

o Satellite television available in your cabin

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a free lunch. Everything costs, but many of the services on a cruise ship are more economical if they are shared. For example, you share common areas of the ship thus eliminating the need to maintain your own individual kitchen facilities. No fuss, no muss. You can also share the domestic help and spa staff.

Key Advantages to Buying Your Own Cruise Ship

o Low Purchase Price. Direct-sales means substantial savings to you. You would buy directly from the current ship owner. 1% ownership of a ten million dollar cruise ship would be $100,000. You would be the co-owner, not just a ‘renter.’

o Low Maintenance Fees. Maintenance fees encompass fuel, utilities (water & electricity), insurance, taxes, and routine maintenance, etc. There is no markup or profit involved in your maintenance fees. You simply pay your share of the actual operating costs.

o Economy. The key to the economy of operation is the global marketplace. Simply stated, if you own your own cruise ship you can buy goods, services, and labor from the best sources worldwide. There is economy in numbers. You may have heard the old adage that it is cheaper to feed two people than one person. The global marketplace and the advantage of volume buying power make this old adage even more true in this case. The global labor market is highly advantageous to you. The low cost of labor translates to five star service for you at one star prices. Again, there is no markup or profit involved so you receive the full benefits of these savings.

o Luxurious spa treatment. Spas are generally quite expensive. But if you own the spa, you determine what you will pay at your own spa for services. This would be a tremendous value to cabin owners. A spa can offer therapies for mental and physical relaxation. Such treatments include massage, facials, reflexology, beauty treatments, manicures, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, Botox injections, etc. The international labor rates make these services a real bargain. The ship provides the facility, the costs for a spa would be only labor and supplies.

o Stay Fit. Most cruise ships already have a gym, sauna, steam room, hot tub, and pool. If the ship you choose is lacking in this department, it can be refurbished by either improving and expanding these facilities or adding such facilities if none exist currently.

o Special owners’ treatment. You’ll never get service on land like the service you experience on a cruise ship.

o Various locations. You will not become bored with the same vacation location every year. There is lots and lots to do, or nothing at all if you choose. You simply cannot get bored on a cruise ship. You can even trade your cabin time for various vacation timeshare resorts if you choose.

o Convenience. Everything’s right there. No looking for entertainment, hunting fun, seeking a decent restaurant. It’s all right there on your floating resort. You get to experience lots of places but you don’t have to pack because you are already home, in your floating condominium!

o Safety & Security. There is safety in numbers. This cruise ship is safer than a smaller private yacht because of the fact that there is safety in numbers. Also, there are far fewer incidents on a ship than on land. Where can a bad guy go? There is a doctor, nurse, and pharmacy onboard to look after you. Another safety factor is the mobility of a cruise ship. In the event of a trouble spot, we simply avoid that area. You would have a safety margin via mobility even in the worst case scenario, such as an all out nuclear world war. The trick is to be wherever the problems are not at. This is easier on a cruise ship than with any other possible residential options.

Earn Money. You can also carry on your business while on the ship via the Internet. Also, as an co-owner, you may also be able to convince the other owners that you are the best candidate for a particular shipboard position that interests you. However, the wages paid for these positions are not on the same scale as Western wages. For example, the ship’s medical doctor earns far less than a 16 year old kid working at McDonalds would earn in America. The shipboard wages are meager, but this option can help you pay your maintenance fees if you are on a tight budget.

Amenities & Activities

You’ll enjoy life’s finer pleasures. Lavish buffet meals, romantic and exciting ports of call, Las Vegas style entertainment and innumerable onboard activities complement every cruise. Step aboard and you’ll discover a cruise ship that seems to have come from another age. A more gracious time, when travelers sought the special beauty and tranquility that only a classic cruise vessel could provide. You’ll find services and amenities that seem somehow to be more accommodating and more personal. You’ll find a ship where everybody knows your name. And of course, you’ll find all the sensory pleasures you expect.

The wonderful thing about a cruise is the lack of effort required. You may want to read up on the ports of call you will be visiting. But as soon as you step on board the ship, your work is done. Your luggage will be brought to your cabin by a smiling steward. Your meals will be served in a sumptuous dining room. Your cabin will be kept spotless by a steward who never disturbs you but is always there when needed. Your time will be your own to do as you please, yet the days will fly by. No wonder some people don’t want to disembark at the end of their cruise. It is always a bit of a shock to step back into the real world, where you no longer enjoy the special status that comes with being a cruise passenger. But wait, it does not have to end!


Your dream vacation can be turned into a dream lifestyle. You can relax in the casual setting of the large saloon. Or you can pursue a more active vacation including fitness and special made to order health food. Here you’ll find a vast array of tempting favorites including everything from made-to- order omelets to our fabulous buffet! Imagine being pampered from sunup to sundown. Having every need and whim met, being treated as if you alone were the center of the universe. A cruise ship is a floating resort, and visiting fabulous destinations in themselves, offering everything you would expect in a great resort on land. But why rent when you can own? Yes you CAN own your own cruise ship! If you are willing to share the purchase price and ownership with other likeminded people you can be a co-owner for about the cost as a conventional home.

Tips on How to Hire an Exterior Painting Company

It is always recommended to go for a painting company instead of doing the complicated and tricky exterior painting job yourself. A professional exterior painter knows the job really well and can give your exteriors the facelift that you desire. Choosing the right exterior painting company is a difficult task when you have so many options available. Every painting company has something unique that it offers.

How to choose a professional painter?

Employing an outside painting company to do the job for you is worth the cost only if the painter delivers satisfactory results. For getting the painting job done right, once you have decided to hire a professional exterior painter, you can use the below tips to make your selection easy.

1) Find referrals

The people you know can help you in finding a good painter. Ask for referrals from family, friends, peers, and neighbors. They can very easily suggest some good painters with whom they previously had a pleasant experience. You can sort through the options they provide and make your own decision.

2) Call quotes

Before handing over the painting contract, ask the companies you are considering for a quote. Based on the quotes provided, you can easily pick the painting company that matches your budget and requirements.

3) Preplan and book a painter

If you want to hire a good painting company, you need to contact them well in advance. Many painters remain booked all throughout the year. Thus, to get your exteriors painted on schedule, you should prioritize making a booking several weeks in advance.

4) Reputation

You cannot trust every painter when it comes to a valuable asset like your home. It is important to assess the goodwill of the painting company. A reputable painting company will not do an imperfect job or add unknown additional charges to the final bill. They will go by your budget and timeline to fully satisfy your painting needs. Looking at their past projects, rewards and recognition can give you an idea about the reputation of the company.

5) Ask about Job Requirements

A credible painter will not hesitate in sharing the details of the painting process that he follows. Knowing everything in detail is important to make the right decision. For instance, you should be able to get information about surface preparation, priming, and the number of paint coats needed for the job to be done. You should also be able to voice your preferences about the brand of paint to use or type of gloss.

6) Warranties

The decision to hire a painting contractor can depend on the warranties they provide. Reputable painters usually provide a guarantee against damage, breakage, paint failure and defects. They will keep your garden, landscaping, electrical fittings, doors and windows safe during painting. They should also have insurance so that if a member of their painting crew is injured while painting, the homeowner will not be held accountable.

Are you planning to hire an exterior painter? Eagle Painting Company offers professional exterior painting services at affordable rates to Keller, Southlake, Colleyville and surrounding areas. For more information or to get a free estimate, contact us at 817-333-8866. We are ready to help you!

Eagle Painting Company is an expert residential interior and exterior house painting contractor in Keller, TX with over 30 years of experience, providing excellent quality and efficient service since 1985.

Top 5 Advertising Services to Promote Industrial Automation Products

In today’s B2B marketing world, advertising services facilitate cutthroat advantages to enhance your business. These services may attract your customer base that matter to your business before, during and even after procuring your products or services. They make you evolve continuously with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Promote your products or services to a highly targeted segment of audience across the web with these services such as email direct marketing, social media marketing, e-newsletters, video marketing, and digital marketing.

Grow your business globally by finding out what your customers really want!

Your products can be promoted to specified buyers, suppliers, manufacturers that are actively searching for the industry-specific products that you recommend.

Here are the top 5 advertising services to promote industrial automation products:

· Email Direct Marketing

· Social Media Promotions

· Video Marketing

· Content Marketing

· Banner Advertising

1) Email Direct Marketing

You can make your products/services reach every corner of the world choosing email direct marketing services. Conceptualized/personalized emails can help you attract the right customers and convert them into leads and boost your business productivity.

Here’s what Email Direct Marketing can do for you:

Target industry-specific audiences

Keeps you in front of your prospects

Enhances your visibility of being found everywhere

Helps in Increasing Revenue (Profit)

Eliminates Distance Barriers

If you have not subscribed or chosen these services, you may not be able to:

· Track conversions

· Follow up sales

· Increase customer engagement

In case, if you have not subscribed to email direct marketing services, make your every click count without any delay.

2) Social Media Promotions

Social Media Promotions accelerate your business efficiency and help you achieve your unique business goals. Instead of focusing on boosting your business at the starting of the sales cycles, social media marketing makes you connect with business prospects, decision-makers who have a high possibility of converting to qualified leads.

Social Media channels help to:

Execute marketing techniques that motivate audiences to consider your products/brands

Keep your brand on top-of-mind with buyers, suppliers, manufacturers

Generate leads and increase ROI of your business

Increase brand awareness

Give quick response to clients via messages

Without social media promotions, you cannot:

· Gain marketplace insights

· Increase brand loyalty

· Get more exposure to your brand

As long as you wish to promote your business globally and obtain a really good ROI, social media marketing is the right fit for you!

3) Video Marketing

Video marketing is the fastest-growing and in-demand forms of marketing that have been using to augment your business conversion rates. Content-based video marketing helps to enhance your website’s search engine optimization by driving people to your homepage. It is the best possible way to impact your audience and keep your dollars working at peak competence.

How does video marketing help you?

à It is a simple and very efficient way to know your target audience and provide them a basic idea about your product or its functionality. When it is done perfectly, it provides cost-effective solutions for your business.

à By using this marketing platform, you can reach the global audience and enhance your customer base.

If you do not opt these services, you may miss out:

· Creating connections with your global customers

· Improving visibility

· Boosting your traffic

To keep your brand/products on top-of-mind of your potential customers, start using video marketing services.

4) Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating useful, engaging and value-adding content that helps readers. It is used to sustain reader’s attention through various ways. Well written content needs marketing to be done properly to get traction from the audience.

“It’s not the best content that wins; it’s the best-promoted content.”

Content must be reliable as it directly addresses the company’s image. Content marketing helps to achieve the following pointers:

Content Marketing is an asset to build your company’s credibility in the marketplace

Customer focused

Quality content can help you grow your viewership

Eventually enhance your brand presence online

Content marketing demands persistence so keep making quality content and don’t forget to promote it, promoting content is also very important.

5) Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising helps to build your brand story that will resonate across the globe. Your ideas can be brought to life with perfectly executed creative banner ad tactics. Banner ads are innovative, eye-catching, aesthetically appealing and affordable. They help to make an impact on your target audience making them take a decision.

With banner ads, you can:

Entice your target audience

Build brand recognition

Encourage visitors

If you want to increase your presence across the globe, opt banner advertising services.

Family Camping at Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Campground

I may be the last camper on the face of the earth with children to have discovered the joys of Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park campgrounds. But to cut myself some slack, I will also note that camping is a relatively new activity for our family.

Because we got our new trailer late in the season, we only got to go on three camping trips in before winter set in, but the last one sure whet our appetites for this spring when we can start planning more family camping trips anew.

We went to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Campground for their end of season, Halloween celebration and it was such a fantastic experience – despite the onset of some frigid temperatures and rain.

If you’ve never been to one of these places, it is like a trip right into cartoon land. There are carousel rides, train rides, movies, crafts and even a real fire engine ride for the kids. Of course, each location has many different offerings too that are designed to entice campers to try their slant on the old favorites – Yogi, Boo Boo, and Cindy Bear.

When we visited, Yogi was in hibernation for the winter, but during the summer Yogi wakes up little campers, has breakfast with them and generally makes their camping trip one for the memory books.

There are activities planned for all ages at just about every hour on the hour 7 days a week during summer months. Even during our fall visit, the activities pretty much ran non-stop. In addition to ceramic painting, pumpkin painting and gem mining, there was a haunted hayride, haunted walk – that rivaled most commercial offerings – and of course trick or treating and other Halloween themed events. They also sponsored a campsite Halloween decorating contest in four different categories and some of these campers go all out! It was so festive to see all the decorations and see so many people enjoying their camping experience.

Needless to say, we are watching the calendar for the first signs of spring so we can plan our next camping adventure with Yogi. Hope to see you there!

Keep Your Bathroom Up to Scratch With Our 17 Point Bathroom Cleaning Plan

Firstly, as with virtually any form of cleaning, you should aim to work from top to bottom, that is to say, clean the upper surfaces before the lower, in this way you will avoid splashing areas you have already attended to, and having to redo work.

  1. Clear any surfaces by moving any toiletries, pots and packets out of the way
  2. Wipe over chrome fittings with a proprietary scale remover and leave per instructions
  3. Pour a generous amount of bleach up around the rim of the toilet and leave
  4. Clear any cobwebs or dust from top of walls and ceiling
  5. Wipe with a lightly bleached cloth all around your window frame and inside the frame of any opening widows. This will prevent mould growing
  6. Wipe a damp rag on the top surface of any wall cabinets. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Clean mirrors and shower panels with a clear proprietary window cleaner and a piece of kitchen roll. Re-wipe with a dry sheet
  8. Rinse scale remover from chrome fittings
  9. Spray all surfaces with bathroom cleaner designed to remove soap, scum and body fat ensuring that you spray all around and underneath tap and shower fittings
  10. Leave the cleaner on the surfaces for a few minutes (dependent upon manufacturers instructions) then fill sink and bath with a couple of inches of warm water.
  11. Take a clean j-cloth or similar and use it to flood the surfaces and taps allowing the water to flow back into the basin/shower. Repeat this procedure then drain away the water and rinse basin/bath
  12. If you have a detachable shower head, flood the areas carefully with clean cold water to rinse, otherwise use a rinsed j-cloth
  13. Run over the whole area with another slightly damp cloth to dry and polish
  14. Use a toilet brush inside the loo to thoroughly scrub with the bleached water then flush.
  15. Pour a surfactant toilet cleaner in the bowl (this sticks to the sides and gives a fresh smell) but make sure you have flushed away bleach first
  16. Finally give the floor a sweep and a wipe down with a moist cloth (depending on floor covering).
  17. Last thing, open a window for an hour or so and get some fresh air in. This will keep the bathroom fresh and inhibit the growth of mould on windows and ceilings

Use this as a guide for your bathroom cleaning and you’ll keep it clean and fresh.

The Austrian Oak’s Brilliant Positioning Secret

People think that Arnold was the luckiest bastard alive especially considering his “subpar,” acting in his earlier movies and somehow he became famous overnight.

But that’s not the case at all.

His first movie was Hercules in New York and that movie was horrible but I digress.

Let’s get to it.

Arnold moved to the US in 1968, couldn’t speak a lick of English, became a world champion bodybuilder and then an iconic movie star.

But yet what people don’t know is that when Arnold landed his first movie role he was already damn successful.

He had a brilliant mind for business that no one could match.

When he was 21 Arnold started his first business in the Hollywood Hills.

He noticed a demand for bricklayers around the high-end homes and also noticed the “keeping up with the Jones,” mentality.

He formed his own bricklaying company with his bodybuilding friends and demand for his company skyrocketed.

His business wasn’t much different from the other bricklaying companies around YET they couldn’t get the same high paying gigs that Arnold got.

And that brings me to ANOTHER point…
… Arnold charged MORE for his bricklaying services and people PAID for them.

There was nothing special about what Arnold’s business. They did the exact same work as other bricklaying businesses…
… YET..




Why did Arnold get more business than the other bricklaying companies? He wasn’t known among the other bricklayers.

Why was he able to charge more?

The answer…

Positioning allows ANY business the ability to compete in an evergreen cut throat market.

Now more than ever as more and more businesses pop up, having a damn good position is more important than ever.

It’s no longer enough to just launch a product and hope for the best.

Right now if you are a business owner, you aren’t thinking about positioning but you’re about your competitors sweeping in like a thief in the night and stealing away your business.

So here’s a quick easy way to establish a fast Position in your market..


Arnold’s Bricklaying business stood out because he positioned the business as a European Bricklaying Company.

But it wasn’t just how he positioned his company as a European Bricklayers, he hired his bodybuilding friends. Now imagine a group of large muscle bound men laying bricks in and around the neighborhood. That’s an image that stands out!


People believe that high prices means HIGH VALUE(including yours truly.) Depending on the market and your product you can charge a higher price.

In Arnold’s position he could have charged whatever he wanted and people would have still paid for it.

He worked around the Hollywood Hills area and we all know how slick and rich that place is.

Arnold KNEW the market around that area and knew that people would be willing to pay for a European Bricklaying Company.

Even if Arnold couldn’t become an action star he had he business chops and know how to fall back on.

He’s said it in the past that he probably would have built several multi million dollar companies if he wasn’t acting.

The power of positioning is powerful but it’s not easy to find it or create it.

Till then, Stay Hungry,

Concorde Crash Conspiracy – It Could Have Been Prevented

In studying the Concorde crash the investigators determined it was caused by debris on the runway, which had fallen off a Continental Airlines Aircraft, which went down the same runway prior to the Concorde. Some thought the crash was an International Terrorist Attack. Had the debris, which had fallen off been known it could have been picked up prior to the Concorde’s take off roll.

In fact debris on run ways is common, I have seen stuff on runways myself during takeoff rolls, usually it is something minor and in a light aircraft you are not going very fast so a slight bit of steering for someone on the ball and the problem is solved. The Concorde however takes off at 180 knots or at least that day it tried. It hit the debris and it popped a tire and that tire shredded and sent pieces into the bottom of the wing and fuel tank along with a little of the debris. The aircraft on fire took off and then immediately crashed.

A young man, only twelve years old has come up with a little gadget, which will prevent this from ever happening again. It is a small real-time video camera, which runs along the runway on a track and videos the aircraft as it lands or takes off. It can also be sent solo to inspect the runway from afar, such as a room in the control tower or ground control workstation. The British Airport Authority (BAA) is interested in possibly developing this concept. Interesting as a 12-year old came up with it. Incidentally today NASA announced a spherical device to fly around the ISS-International Space Station to check for damage from space debris. Had this been available it could have inspected the Space Shuttle prior to its return and prevented the accident by way of video preflight.

The young man’s device is said to be able to spot even a single nut on the runway, which could be picked up by a tire or sucked into a jet engine. This is an awesome idea and I would hope the US Military would put them on the catapults so when it returns it video tapes the deck. The young man developed the concept in the “Young Engineers for Britain” contest. This shows why it is important to get ideas from everywhere and how contests spur on innovation. In the United States we have constant robotic contests and we all know about Robot Wars. The young man wants is counting on becoming a mechanical engineer if he ever grows up and I think he will make a damn good one.

Ten Tips to Sneak Exercise Into Your Day (and Why!)

With the unofficial start of summer at the end of this month, many begin to think about starting to exercise before putting on a bathing suit and hitting the beach or pool. Exercise is of course helpful for weight management and building muscles and can improve physical appearance. What is not as well known are the other physical, mental and emotional benefits of incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

In addition to weight management, other physical benefits of exercise include improvement in our cardiovascular system functions. Aerobic exercise can help prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and stokes. Other forms of exercise can help prevent arthritis, osteoporosis and can help improve balance to prevent falls.

What is equally as impressive are the benefits to mental and emotional health when exercising on a regular basis. Exercise improves not only focus and concentration but also enhances mood as well. In fact, studies have shown that 15 minutes of aerobic exercise was equally as effective as an antidepressant for some forms of depression. Walking around the block often shifts perspective and helps reduce stress.

Joh Ratey MD, who studies the benefits of exercise has suggested that if the positive effects of exercise could come in a pill form, it would be the most widely prescribed medication. Since that is not possible, how do you incorporate exercise into your busy life when you already feel pressed for time?

Ten Tips to Sneak Exercise into your Day

Don’t like or feel like you have time to go to the gym? The good news is exercise does not have to involve getting on a treadmill or pumping iron at the gym to be effective. It can be relatively low cost and not a huge time investment. However, before you start, check with your doctor if you have not exercised in awhile or if you are pregnant. Also, make sure you are wearing proper footwear for your activity. Many joint or back injuries are caused by wearing old or worn-out shoes. Here are ten ways to get moving:

  1. Park away from your office, trip to the store or school and walk. These small walks add up through the day. In fact, studies have shown that small bursts of exercise throughout the day are more effective than one long burst.
  2. Take the steps instead of the elevator. If you are going between floors, walk up the steps. Need a quick break in the afternoon – walk up and down a few times. Exercise will revive you much more than a trip to the coffee machine.
  3. Wear a fitness tracker and measure your steps. There are many inexpensive trackers as well as more sophisticated and pricey devices but even the inexpensive will give you data on steps. Set a goal and stick to it. For the first few days, wear it without changing your activity. Once you create a baseline, add 500 to 1000 steps per day to it each week.
  4. Use apps to get inspired. Studies have shown that like fitness trackers, individuals who utilize apps are more successful at sticking with an exercise program. There are apps like 5K that inspire and lead you from couch to 5K. My Fitness Pal and ActivX are a few other popular fitness apps.
  5. Sign up for a charity walk or run and use it to inspire you to get moving. Whether it is 1mile, a 5 or 10K, it gives you a goal and a deadline to work toward.
  6. Grab a buddy or two. People are far more likely to stick to a routine if they have another person who is going to do it with them and hold them accountable. Making fitness social gives the extra benefit of connecting with others.
  7. Have a family or office challenge. It does not have to be a competition, but it can be a way to cheer each other on and keep everyone involved in a common goal.
  8. Try a new activity like dancing, hiking, swimming or a fun group exercise class you have always been curious about.
  9. Make fitness a weekly family activity. Go on a hike, bike ride or walk around the neighborhood.
  10. Household activities like gardening, cleaning or other projects can be great chances to get the blood flowing. Put on upbeat music to keep you moving energetically.

Things You Must Check When Choosing A Roller Banner Stand Supplier

Roller banner stands can be described as self standing stands that are retractable. They usually have a printed graphic panel which holds the message that needs to be passed across. This panel is usually inserted in aluminum base that comes with a spring, hence the roll up nature of the stands. They are most popular because they are low in cost and they are also very easy to transport and use. You can actually set them up in seconds and roll them away just as quickly when you are done.

The roller banner stands make perfect display items, especially in trade shows and exhibitions. If you are a company looking to launch a product in the market, then you will also find them very suitable. They are the most common advertising tools used, but they are also used to make reception areas brighter and more welcoming. Whatever your needs, you will find a roller banner stand that works for your needs as long as you choose a supplier you can fully rely on. A few checks will help ensure you enjoy the best in the end.

Product quality

The very first thing you should check when choosing a supplier for your roller banner stands is quality. When looking at quality the stand mechanism is of utmost importance. Ensure that you can trust the supplier for a stable one that will not fall at the slightest provocation. Only the very best materials should be used on every part of the roller banner stand.

Most suppliers make the roller banner stands and will also do the printing work. For this reason, ensure also that they can handle anything you wish on the graphic panel including colors and images. The full color panel will be more attractive and a good supplier will know exactly how to bring out the best with your roller banner stand. Considering that the banners are retractable, does the supplier offer you a carry case too? A good quality carry case will give you a very easy time moving, transporting and storing the banner.


Buyers are not the same when it comes to financial capabilities and your supplier should be able to handle this by offering different options to cater to the different needs. Apart from premium ones, they should also offer budget banners ones are cheaper. The same should apply to the sizes. As a buyer, you should work with a supplier who can offer you any size including mini roller banner stands depending on your needs.

Quick turnaround

Your marketing strategy may not have the luxury of time making it very important to choose a supplier that can deliver fast and easy. Good suppliers will usually make available the roller banner stand in a day or two and will even deliver it to you. Find out how long you will have to wait before your finished product is available; the sooner the better in keeping up with your schedule.

4 Best Vacation Cities Along the Gulf of Mexico Close

When Americans think of beaches, they tend to think of southern California, Florida, Hawaii, or even the Caribbean islands before they think of the Gulf Coast. Yet some of the best beaches in North America are along this stretch of shoreline. Soft white sand, emerald green waters, unobstructed views, and all the leisure and recreation a vacationer needs are stretched out on this curve around the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re looking for a restorative beach vacation, take a look at these four Gulf Coast beaches.

Galveston, Texas

Image via Flickr by enchiladaplate

This island off the coast of Texas features miles and miles of sandy beach, warm weather, and recreation. The  beaches are expansive and beautifully developed. The town offers restaurants, museums, historic sites, galleries, nightlife, and boutiques. Moody Gardens is a great spot for soaking up beautiful views, and the Schlitterbahn water park offers excitement. Galveston Island State Park is a great place to hike and explore when you want to be alone with nature. Visit the Seawall Urban Park for roller blading, jogging, or long walks.

Destin, Florida

Destin is a quiet beach town with white sand beaches and gleaming green water. The coastline around Destin offers a variety of water parks, amusement parks, dolphin cruises, fishing, and other recreation for families. The town has plenty of shopping and dining options, but it’s Henderson Beach State Park that is the biggest draw here. The park offers beautiful dunes and a relaxing beach for swimming and sunning. Henderson Beach also has picnic areas and campsites, but once you check out the assortment of great hotels in Destin, you’ll probably opt to sleep indoors.

Marco Island, Florida

One of Florida’s top beach destinations for luxury travelers, Marco Island offers pristine white sand beaches with warm water throughout the year. This upscale island attracts older travelers and families who are looking for comfort amid stunning views and scenery.

The Tigertail Beach side of the island is the most popular. It’s a fully-equipped beach complete with lifeguards, concessions, restrooms, and equipment rentals. South Marco Beach at the opposite end of the island is smaller, but it’s becoming quite popular. There are also lots of private beaches around the coastline of the island that are attached to vacation rentals.

Orange Beach, Alabama

One of the best Gulf Coast beaches lies just across the border for Florida’s Emerald Coast, on the Alabama side. Orange Beach offers a balance between beautiful beaches and outdoor activities. The Orange Beach Waterfront Park is a popular family spot with public beach access, picnic areas, a playground, and a fishing pier. The park’s Back Country Trail is a good place to hike or run. Orange Beach offers access to both the Gulf and the inland bays and bayous to the north, where locals and vacationers like to kayak, sail, and fish.

The Gulf Coast offers something for everyone, from party beaches to upscale getaways and family adventures. Choose the destination that’s right for you, and start daydreaming about your Gulf Coast vacation.