Apart from the actual Indian touristy vacations, there are ten crazy things that you can do inside Maharajas Express. This is a compilation of all unique things that passengers did in their travel.

Maharajas Express is a luxury train that takes you on five different voyages across Indian cities. The journey is a unique experience and you ought to try it at least once in your lifetime. Here are ten other crazy things that you ought to try it, if you have the guts in you.

  1. The Maharajas Express train is one kilometre in length. Try walking from one end of the train to another. You would have a crazy experience and you would have burnt enough calories to tally your holiday treats.
  2. Skipping excursions and staying inside the train while the train gets ready for the journey towards next city is another top crazy thing to do inside the train. You can watch water and fuel getting loaded, other resources getting boarded and other unique activities.
  3. Staying awake throughout the night and enjoying the stars and night sceneries as a family inside one big warm blanket. There is no restriction in staying awake throughout the night. Though only two passengers are allocated for a cabin, you all can stay in one cabin as long as you wish.
  4. Have a small party inside the cabin. You can have some music and dance. Try to keep your volume low as; if other passengers complain, the tour manager would ask you to end the party immediately.
  5. In special requests during the booking, just order a cake. You can lie that it is someone’s birthday and have a birthday blast in the lounge bar, inside the train.
  6. Visit the engine room and have a look at all the technologies. You would need permission from your tour manager for this.
  7. Befriend a group of people in the train and the genre of your vacation would be different. Travelling as a family is fun and travelling as a group of friends is crazy fun.
  8. There are a few board games in the lounge car. You can have a game marathon. If you had befriended others, you can have a match between two cabins. It would be a lot more fun to have a gaming event inside the train.
  9. There is a bar and a lounge attached. So, it is time for some bar games. Organize drinking games and other traditional bar games with your family and the friends you just got introduced inside the train. You can have some festive events in the lounge bar too.
  10. Since the train is long enough, there are a lot of games that you could play inside the train. The best of all is the treasure hunt where one player hides an object in one part of the train leaving clues that lead to the next clue which eventually lead to the object.
  11. There are a lot of other fun things to do in Maharajas Express, it is the most famous luxury train in India. It is not just about the destination. The train give you a luxurious and comfortable platform to enjoy the journey itself.

Vietnam Travel Packages & Private Tour Guides for an Authentic Vietnam Experience

If you are planning to visit Vietnam and you are worried about the travel packages and private tour guides for the best Vietnam experience, then stop worrying and start packing your bag. Because here we are going to recommend you to choose Viet Bamboo Travel. Recently, my friends and I decided to make a tour to Vietnam and enjoy our vacations, a rich culture of Vietnam, diversity of people, remarkable landscapes, and lovely beaches over there. But it became a difficult task because we were stuck in the advices of different agents. Then a friend of mine recommended us to travel by the Viet Bamboo Travel Corporation. On a friend’s recommendation and after some research, we chose to go by this travels Corporation.

Viet Bamboo Travel provides private Indochina tour packages to all parts of the Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. They are particular in customizing and tailoring tours for individuals, families and groups for specific requirements. They provide you with distinctive cruise on an inaccessible mighty Mekong River through the beautiful country of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos in the Mekong delta. Comfortable hotel and restaurants are provided for the finest local bars. Another amazing and comforting thing is that they provide knowledgeable and experienced English speaking guides. Air ticket, train ticket booking service along with the visa and passport consultation services is provided by them. Which saves the tourist from many tiresome tasks. They also provide the car rental service. Luxury cars like Royal Royce Phantom, and Bentley are provided. They provide the best customer service possible. Their staff is available 24/7. They provide their services in a very friendly manner. They answer your questions in best possible manners. They assist you in making better traveling plans. Another inspiring thing about Viet Bamboo Travels is that they keep the information confidential. They make sure to keep the personal information of client’s secret.

We also booked and used the exclusive service of the cruise. It was certainly a great experience. They also provide several other packages with the affordable budget available.
The trip was very well organized, excellent and our tour guide was very knowledgeable and exhilarating. They gave us useful information about the country, its people and history as well. We were never let down with pickups and drop-offs at airports and so on. Everything went very smoothly. People were also very friendly to us. The lodging was decent, excellent. They provided us with very comfortable rooms in good locations with brilliant staffs and excellent food.

We were really amazed by the devoted service we got from Viet Bamboo Travel.  Therefore, we would definitely recommend it to you. Everything went perfect with their dedicated service. We enjoyed very much. Everything was perfect from the hotels and its location, of the drivers, the restaurants, the places we visited. We would like to mention especially the tour guides. They were so great and respectful. Their kindness, hospitality is praiseworthy.  They did everything to make us happy. Indeed, it was a very comfortable trip because of the Viet Bamboo Travel.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Conference Venue

Conferences have long been used as a way for companies to get together and talk about the things that are going on within their organisations. In addition to being productive, however, they are also a time for staff and executives to develop their relationships with each other by having an enjoyable experience.

With this in mind, choosing a conference venue is an important task. Here are four things that you should consider when choosing a conference venue.


The most obvious thing that you will want to consider when choosing a conference venue is the location. While you may feel that it is best to use a venue that is located in a hotel in the downtown area of a local city, this often makes staff feel as if they are only there for business purposes.

It is often better to find a unique location where staff and executives can enjoy their time together. Instead of going with a traditional option like a large hotel’s conference room, it may be a better idea to go with something like an estate that is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Facilities and Their Amenities

When searching for conference venues in Hunter Valley, it is always a good idea to look into the facilities and amenities that attendees will have the opportunity to take advantage of. Since there are likely to be several hours of downtime during the conference, you want to be sure that attendees have options for enjoying this time.

Venues that offer amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, and golf course are always great choices because they can cater to just about everyone. While you certainly want your conference to be productive, it should also be one of your main priorities to ensure that everyone is enjoying their time away from the workplace.

Food Choices

Another thing that you will want to consider when choosing a conference venue is the food choices available. If you plan on running the conference over a few days, attendees will obviously need to be fed, or at least have options for where they can eat.

Many venues will provide catering services that can be purchased in addition to the renting of the property. While this can be a convenient option, you should ensure that the catering services they provide are able to satisfy the needs of attendees that may have specific dietary constraints or allergies.

Team Building Opportunities

Yet another thing to consider when choosing a conference venue is what options are available when it comes to team building opportunities. This is yet another reason that unique locations in rural areas are often a better idea, as they generally provide more opportunities for allowing your staff to bond through outdoor activities.

Enjoy a Unique Golfing Vacation in Thailand

In Southeastern Asia lies a country called Thailand, which most people have heard of but few know anything about, in truth. Thailand is a beautiful country of over 65 million people, and offers attractions such as the Grand Palace, sparkling beaches and water activities, floating markets, national parks, mountains, sites of historical and architectural significance, and golfing. Golfing in Thailand is becoming extremely popular, in part because of the beauty of the country itself and the popularity of golf. For those who want a unique golfing experience, there are a number of resorts in Thailand that offer beautiful surroundings and a host of amenities that will make your entire experience a one-of-a-kind occasion.

More than Just Golf

Golfing resorts can be found throughout Thailand and usually include amenities that are similar to five-star hotels, such as spas, fitness centers, swimming pools of all sizes, fine dining facilities, and bars and pubs. Furthermore, these resorts are not just for individual travelers and families; they also have advantages for business travelers as well, including meeting spaces and access to computers. Many also have services that include finding tours and excursions for their guests, providing round-the-clock security, and free parking. In essence, you can find your favorite activities at these golfing resorts, so they offer the perfect escape from the grind of daily life.

Golf resorts in Thailand can usually be found on the Internet, as most of them have well-maintained and professional websites that will give you all of the information you need to know before scheduling your adventure. Golfing vacations provide access to a lot of fresh air, exercise, and of course, fun. They also offer golf memberships and a variety of special events for guests to enjoy. Whether you are there for a two-day business conference or a weeklong vacation, these resorts are guaranteed to make your entire trip unforgettable. In addition, since most golfing resorts include luxurious rooms with high-end amenities, you will also be able to enjoy some down time after a long day on the golf course.

Finding Golfing Vacations Online

As with most other products these days, information on golfing excursions can be found online. Often, these facilities offer so many things to do that their website is the best way to describe them all. Whether you are going to Thailand with a golfing partner, your family, or for a board of directors meeting or conference, golfing vacations are something you will never forget. Since details on golfing excursions are available online, the internet is a perfect place to start when researching them. More often than not, these sites include full-color photographs of the facility and its amenities, as well as complete details on everything the resort has to offer. This includes extras such as a list of sales and discounts, as well as e-books that contain valuable information for the would-be guest. Anything you need to know about the golf resort will be on their website, so when planning the perfect golfing vacation, this is a great place to begin.

Hitting the Open Road Is More Fun with a Spacious Camper Van

When the weather is warm and pleasant, many people have the urge to get out on the open road and explore, visit places they’ve never seen or simply enjoy a fun drive in the beautiful area we live in. It is often even more fun if you choose to hire a vehicle for the excursion we’ve chosen, because this allows for more comfortable and spacious surroundings while driving. Renting a camper van is especially popular, and the companies that provide these vehicles make sure that they are top-notch campers with the amenities to make your trip even more memorable and exciting.

Unique Adventures Begin with Unique Vehicles

Hiring a camper is a lot less expensive than many people think it is. Companies that hire out campers offer a variety of styles and sizes. All their vehicles are kept clean and in perfect working order at all times, so regardless of when you hire one, the vehicle will be reliable and dependable to drive. Most companies charge a low per-day rate; however, many will offer you a discount for hiring the vehicle for a week or more. Best of all, the price almost always includes unlimited kilometres, so you can drive the vehicle almost anywhere without paying an additional fee.

Of course, the biggest advantage of a camper rental is the number of amenities included with your lease. Campers are very roomy, and usually include one or more double beds, toilet facilities, a small kitchen with refrigerator and microwave, a shower, a DVD player, a television set, linen, tables and much, much more. With most of these vehicles, all you need to bring is your toothbrush and your clothes, and the rest is provided for you! There are also extra amenities available for a small fee, such as GPS navigation devices, picnic seats and roof racks.

Camper Van Hire Is Easy and Fun

Not only is hiring a camper van fun and simple, but it is also convenient. Most companies that offer camper vans for lease have well-maintained websites that show you full-colour photographs of the vehicles they offer, and provide a fast way to obtain a quote on any vehicle you are interested in. In fact, many companies allow you to reserve your vehicle online, which makes the entire process go that much more smoothly.

Companies that lease camper vans offer some of the top makes and models of vehicles, including Toyota, and service their vehicles regularly so that nothing goes wrong while you are on the road. Generally, anyone 18 years of age or older can drive the vehicles, and most companies include a toll-free number should you need roadside assistance of any kind while you are travelling. Most companies also have more than one location to hire from, so it is convenient to pick up the vehicles regardless of where you live. When you are ready to hit the road and need a reliable and fun vehicle to drive, these vehicle leasing companies are your best bet.

How can Newbie Mountain Bikers ensure Safety

Mountain biking is not a sport that can come naturally to people. To be able to manoeuvre the heavy mountain bike through difficult terrains, you not only need a strong body, but also strict training in mountain biking basics. Some people take up this activity for fun, while others train for it rigorously so to be able to take part in a race for which my recommendation is always a trek mountain bike. Read trek mountain bike reviews to know more.

If you are thinking about doing mountain biking just for fun, you simply need to learn to control your speed and maintain balance, but if you are planning on making a career out of mountain biking, then you are going to have to practice a lot.

In this post, you are going to find some tips that will take your mountain biking to the next level.

Let’s get to it.

While approaching a steep climb, don’t stop pedalling: Many newbie mountain bikers make this mistake; they slow down before approaching a steep climb. This move is not the best move that a mountain biker can take. In fact, many professional riders say that slowing down before a steep climb will make the climb difficult. The correct strategy to adopt here is instinctively shifting to the gear that you believe you will require reaching the top of the climb and then pedalling vigorously.

Don’t stand on the pedals unless you have to: You may be sometimes tempted on stand on the pedals on your mountain bike so to increase its speed. While it is true that standing on the pedals on your mountain bike will increase your speed, but it will also decrease the traction between the rear tyre of your bike and the road. This is not a desirable situation because your bike my skid and you may fall. So, in order to protect yourself from such injuries, you must try to stay seated on the seat of your mountain bike for most of the time.

Learn when and how much to lean forward: While climbing a mountain or a trail, the base of your mountain bike w.r.t. to the ground becomes narrow. If your centre of mass moves out of the base, you will topple, therefore, to ensure that the centre of mass of your body remains inside the base of your bike, you should lean forward. Leaning forward will put a huge demand on your leg muscles to power up your bike, and that will be quite difficult, but hey, no one said mountain bike is easy. If you are a road athlete, then doing this exercise will surely pump strength into your leg muscles.

Learn when to shift to lower gears: Before you shift to a different gear, stop pedalling. If you will shift gears while you are pedalling, you will be putting unnecessary strain on your bike chain. Each mountain bike is different from the rest, so there one cannot say which gear you need to traverse which trail, therefore, you got to test things out. Pick a gear instinctively and shift to a lower or higher gear depending on looseness or tightness you experience while riding.

To practice these basic techniques you can also train hard on road for 5-6 weeks. Get an inexpensive road bike, learn these techniques thoroughly and then switch to the trails. This way the transition is faster and easier. Read more about cheap road bike brands for detailed info.

Top Venues that Change the Way You Party

Partying is one of the most enjoyable things to do to celebrate life, as you get to set yourself free from inhibitions, meet new people, and spend just pure fun time with friends. But if you’re the one organizing a party, then this is an entirely different matter. You not only need to prepare everything-you also have to make sure that everybody present gets to enjoy what you have in store.

But how should you organize a successful party? The venue actually plays a big role in this task, mainly because it contains everything-the setting, the motif, the facilities, the food, and the floor space where your guests will socialize. A good venue has all the elements needed for a party, but a great venue is one that has more than that. Rather, a great venue is one that stands out from the rest in terms of quality and space.

So how do you find the best venues for your upcoming parties? Here are some considerations:

  1. The yacht.

Yes, yachts are becoming pretty popular party venues in Singapore, and this is because of their chic and luxurious appeal. If you host a party in a yacht, then it means you are throwing a really extravagant celebration. But more than the classy image, yacht venues also provide you with everything you need-from a trained service crew to complete facilities (lights, sounds, etc.) and as well as a tour of the sea, which is something other mainland venues cannot provide.

If the party you’re hosting is intended for close friends, then a yacht is also the best choice. You need not be fancy, but rather give your guests the quality time to spend together and just chill throughout the fete.

  1. The penthouse.

Meanwhile, if you want to hold a party under the stars, then the penthouse would be a great venue to check out. Penthouse parties have been a convention, and this is because of the fabulous view of the cityscape during the night.

There are penthouse venues that are situated not in roof decks, but rather at revolving restaurants, and they prove to be great alternatives to the typical top floor setting. Revolving restaurants as party venues also provide a panoramic view of the city lights, and are as well designed to accommodate bigger crowds not only in terms of floor space, but also for food and wine.

  1. Open gardens.

They used to be closely linked to weddings, but open gardens are starting to become great choices for unique party venues. This is because open gardens showcase the beauty of nature, and at the same time they present a certain sense of risk to the guests-when the weather gets playful, a party under the rain may be experienced.

But open gardens are a good venue for both daytime and evening gatherings. They are suited for family reunions and intimate celebrations, especially to those who are already bored of the traditional indoor function hall setting.

  1. Poolside.

On the other hand, if you want your party to be less formal and more of fun and games, then do it by the pool. Pool party venues in Singapore are always a hit since they offer a specific area where guests can relax and mingle without the need of maintaining a prim and proper look.

Poolside party venues are also convenient because they usually come with a bar and a trained crew who are ready to provide the food and beverage which the guests will be consuming throughout the celebration.

  1. Old mansions.

Old mansions offer a historic and at the same time homey vibe and their ambiance give more character to your party. There are mansions that are being converted into party venues too, and at times they can be cheaper than the typical function halls. You may just have to be more creative in the design and layout of your other party needs so that your venue will be brought to life once the celebration starts.

Unearth the Mystery of the Malcha Mahal in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is incorporated with many confounding stories and myths. Delhi is regulated with various historic points that relate to a couple of Mughal Dynasties. Insider facts were born and bred with these spots, that today allure not only the locals but also outsiders to these hushed up spots. In this article one such spooky spot in Delhi, the Malcha Mahal is talked about. So while on your way to the mainstream points in Delhi, take your taxi from Jaipur to Delhi on a road, relatively less traveled and explore something thrilling!

Located on the outskirts of Delhi on the Bistdari Road close to the Delhi Earth Station, Malcha Mahal is a lesser known and a haunting spot in the capital. So in the event that you are going to the city by a taxi from Jaipur to Delhi, ensure that you peep inside this spot for a couple of minutes. Obviously, only if you are a braveheart!

The essential purpose of building this spot was that it served as a gathering house for the villagers living in Malcha. The Begum of Oudh, Princess Wilayat Mahal was the extensive granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. Their property was seized by British several years earlier and the Begum was doing combating for winning back the property.

After stores of fight, this spot was finally administered to the Begum and she started to stay here alongside her two kids. This was not for long however. On the game changing day of tenth December, 1993, the Begum submitted to suicide out of genuine mental weight permitting her youngsters to sit unbothered. Princess Sakina and Prince Riaz, her two youngsters hollered for help remembering the final objective to save their mother’s life. In any case, their cries stayed unanswered. The Begum’s body lied in her study for 10 days and her youngsters lamented over it. On June 24th, 1994, the energetic kinfolk got froze subsequent to a couple of untouchables endeavored to attack this spot and they expected to cover their mother’s dead body.

Since the time the Begum’s body was discovered, it was seen that the spot turned spooky. Nobody has been seen entering this spot after this scene. Individuals have reported that a couple of journalists who entered this spot vanished for eternity. Starting now and into the foreseeable future this spot is dodged by everyone. Adjacent people say that they hear unordinary noises from inside the Mahal. The uproar on a very basic level fuses a cry of a woman in torment. They say that it is the Begum’s last cry before her end. In spite of the way that the Begum’s youngsters are still alive inside the Mahal, nonetheless they were never seen by anyone. It is assumed that after such humiliation and after the sad going of their mother, the twosome picked a presence like this.

Yet no one knows the genuine story behind the vanishing of the kin, it is trusted that they are dead and their spirits visit the Mahal with a particular deciding objective to take revenge against their mother’s wild destruction. It is proposed that you visit this spot in order to unwind the secret.

There are numerous more spooky inns, streets, houses, etc.in Delhi that are spooky and have been a theme of sheer dread and goosebumps. So if you are looking for weekend getaways from Delhi to spend your upcoming weekend doing something thrilling, and if you are one of the individuals who is ever excited to uncover the tremendous privileged insights and secrets that remain covered in such places, then begin with the Malcha Mahal. Beware!

Auli – Of skiing, trekking and world famous man made lakes

Uttarakhand is definitely not joking on its tourism prospects and is doing everything it can to progress forward and make its presence felt in the global tourism map. Among all its other destinations, one of Uttarakhand’s most treasured gems in Auli. This article talks about Auli tourism and the things to do during your visit to this pristine holiday destination.

Arranged in the Himalayan piles of Uttarakhand, India, Auli is additionally called Auli Bugyal, which implies glade. It is situated at a height of 2,500 to 3,050 meters above ocean level. Auli is predominantly showcased as a vacationer area in Uttarakhand because of its ideal skiing territory because of the snowfall in winters and its stunning scenes. To catch the entire amazing view of the zone, go up to a higher ground or take a ride on the link auto and get the full stunning all encompassing perspective of the mountains and the entire scene.

An all round trip to Auli will leave you charmed with the entire experience. Auli lies while in transit to Badrinath encompassed by coniferous and oaks woodlands with a lovely perspective of the elevated crests of one of the best mountain range on the planet, the immense Himalayas. Auli lies very close to New Delhi and it takes about merely less than 2 hours by an Auli to Delhi cab. Some real vacation destinations in Auli are highlighted beneath.



Fast turning into a mainstream skiing area among ski-beaus, this spot is beginning to see a noteworthy development in the quantity of individuals approaching spend their excursions here. You could likewise take skiing classes here amid your visit and stay.

The man-made lake

The Government of Uttarakhand made the world’s most noteworthy man-made lake at Auli. This was produced in perspective of making fake snow on the new ski inclines in the occasion of low snowfall. The water from this lake will be utilized to encourage the snow positioned along the ski inclines and therefore give a decent skiing surface and expand the ski season.


Auli is an astounding area to go trekking because of its scene and landscape. The Kuari pass trek, which is the most acclaimed trek in India begins from Auli. Kuari which essentially signifies ‘door’, is the beginning stage of the Himalayan high mountain pass arranged at the Garhwal locale of northern India.

There are numerous different things to do in Auli separated from trekking and skiing. You could take an open air scroll and investigate the scene and have an outing or you could likewise simply unwind and just relax your entire stay and just let the beauty of nature sink in slowly. Warm soups and piping hot tea are perfect for sitting on the balcony of your hotel on a snowy winter morning. If you are confused on how to reach Auli, taking the taxi from Delhi will be your best bet and as it is, it is the most common way to approach this beautiful destination.

Get the most out of your trip to Australia in a rented automobile

Your travel plans can be made a lot easier and a lot more convenient by using a discount car rental Sydney. Flights to and from various destinations can be tiresome. Shuffling your way through the long and arduous checks and processes of an airport terminal can leave you tired and irritable. Why not enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable ride from the airport in your very own car? Hiring a car from a Sydney airport will help you maximize the pleasure of your commute. A car rental is a way for you to end a long airplane ride in style and comfort.

Once you get to the city itself, you will be able to enjoy it in a much more manageable manner. Instead of relying on friends or public transports, you will be able to look after yourself when it comes to getting from place to place. The best car rental services will see to it that you are greeted by a friendly and helpful customer service representative. Car rental Sydney service firms understand the importance of ensuring the customer is treated with the utmost courteousness and respect. Your car rental will also be customized to fit the needs of your travel itinerary. Rather than having to endure the long route and stops of a conventional airport shuttle bus service you will be able to drive expeditiously to the address and location of your choice. And you will be able to enjoy this convenience without having to pay exorbitant taxi fees.

A car rental is the one indulgence you ought to allow yourself, even if you are flying on limited budget. However, it is important that you work with the right car rental service in order to get all you want at the price you can afford. It is important to realize that not all car rental services offer the same level of quality and value. That is why you ought to take care in selecting the one you want to work with. The one you choose ought to offer a range of high quality vehicles that contain the features that will make your ride a pleasurable one.

Value is also important. You should be able to hire a car at a price that is respectful to the limits of your budget. Getting dependable and high quality customer service at a reasonable cost is one of the advantages of using a car rental service. And the one you work with should provide this service readily.

Fortunately, finding a car rental service that meets the above criteria is not that hard. The best place to begin your search is the worldwide web. The web gives you the opportunity to organize and centralize your search in a way that will help you find one quickly. Using the web enables you to bring a number of such car rental firms to your computer screen, where you can evaluate the value and quality of service offered by each one—which will allow you to decide the one most suitable for your travel needs.

If you are going to be in Sydney, you should check out the offers being made by discount car rental Sydney . It will give you many more options for travel.